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7 ways to increase your confidence and accomplish your goals

March the final winter hurdle. It can be a hard month mentally for many Canadians. Hang tight, we got this! Days are getting longer and temperatures are steadily rising.

March is an excellent time to spring clean, or reassess your mental health. In shifting gears from winter to spring, check in with yourself. How are you feeling? What’s your energy like? How are your moods these days? Take this time to reflect on small habit changes you can implement today to support your mental wellness.

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How to fuel your body for movement

It might seem simple, but it’s worth repeating: water is precious. According to Statistics Canada, “Water plays a role in almost all body functions and is a major component of every cell, tissue and organ. It regulates temperature, transports oxygen and nutrients through the blood,

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Why a picnic is the perfect outdoor physical activity

Let’s play a quick round of word association. Ready? We say picnic. You say…Basket? Blanket? Bread? Cheese, cold cuts, sliced watermelon and salads? No doubt about it: picnicking is centered on food. But it’s also about family and friends, and green spaces like backyards, school

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10 ways to get active on National Health and Fitness Day

We’ve curated 10 great Canadian ways that you can join in the celebration on National Health and Fitness Day. There’s something for everyone – so what are you waiting for? Check out the National Health and Fitness Day Community Event page to locate events near you and

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How to grow muscles in your garden

You can smell it in the air: gardening season. Us Canadians are pretty much obsessed with getting our hands dirty and planting seeds that flourish into something beautiful to gaze at and to eat. No month says ready, set, garden quite like the month

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