Improving Preconception Health through Innovation and Technology

Between February and June 2016, physicians at our Geddes Medical Group and Elora Medical Group practices partnered with Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health to participate in a study to utilize an evidence-based risk-assessment tool developed for use in the primary care setting called My Health eSnapshot (MHeS).

Recognizing that about half of pregnancies are unplanned, waiting until after pregnancies are confirmed could be too late to prevent exposure to risk factors that may lead to poor birth outcomes. Shifting the focus to preconception health (PCH) and helping to identify, manage or reduce these risk factors can improve reproductive, maternal and child health outcomes.

The study involved patients utilizing an electronic MHeS risk assessment (RA) tool using tablet technology. Results were used to generate a customized patient handout with results and key PCH messages that could be discussed with primary care physicians.

Findings of the study were very positive, with the majority of participants reporting that they had a positive experience with MHeS. Primary care staff also reported many benefits to using the MHeS model of care.

Want more information? Access the full report or review a summary of the findings.

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