Returning to School 2020 – Caring for your Child with Asthma

September 03, 2020

by Cora Van Zutphen, UGFHT Clinical Pharmacist

Returning to school after Summer vacation can be filled with mixed emotions.  Throw a pandemic on top and it’s natural for these emotions to be heightened, especially for parents and caregivers of youth with respiratory disease, such as asthma.  The good news is that there are many things that you can do to support youth with Asthma returning to school during Covid-19.

Check out these recommendations from Asthma Canada for tips and special considerations.

Did you know that the Upper Grand Family Health team provides Asthma Education? This includes reviewing medications, correcting inhaler technique, preparing & updating Asthma Action Plans, educating on asthma triggers and how to best avoid them, and helping you and your child understand their asthma. If you would like to make a virtual or in-person appointment please ask your health care provider for a referral or call 519-843-3947 ext 114 to speak to our Family Health Team Pharmacist – Cora Van Zutphen for more information.

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