The Social Worker can provide services through one on one counseling. The Social Worker works with patients and their families in need of psychosocial help. An assessment is made and interventions suggested which may include connecting patients and families to necessary resources and supports in the community; providing psychotherapy, supportive counseling, or helping a patient to expand and strengthen their network of social supports.


Individual Consultation

Our Social Workers are concerned with the interactions between people and the institutions of society that affect the ability of people to accomplish life tasks, realize aspirations and values, and alleviate distress.

Three major purposes of social work are:

  • To enhance the problem-solving, coping and developmental capacities of people
  • To promote the effective and humane operation of the systems that provide people with resource and services
  • To link people with systems that provide them with resources, services, and opportunities.


  • To access this service, please contact the Family Health Team at 519-843-3947 or ask your primary care provider (family physician or nurse practitioner) for more information. 
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