Trick or Treating in the time of COVID-19

October 15, 2020

By Matthew Thirlwall, UWO Kinesiology Student

As the cool weather begins to creep in and the leaves start to fall, many of us are starting to anticipate Halloween, a favourite holiday of people of all ages. It’s almost hard to believe that it’s the time of year for people to get dressed as their favourite superhero, television character or role model and hit the streets for some free treats. Although this year’s Halloween will definitely look different, we can still make the most of it and continue our annual traditions, even if it’s from a distance.

In hopes of keeping everyone safe while still enjoying the holiday, we have come up with a few tips and tricks for everyone to keep in mind while trick or treating this year.

  1. Embrace your boo-tiful mask. Don’t let your mask get in the way of ruining your awesome costume. Get creative and incorporate it into your scary ensemble!
  2. Keep it in your coven. Instead of walking door to door throughout your traditional neighbourhood, set up a mini trick-or-treating sessions with members of your covid-19 social bubble.
  3. Maintain your ghoulish distance. When approaching a homeowner’s front door, be sure to keep six feet or two meters apart from any entrances that people may exit through. If you are approached, step back to allow for physical distancing.
  4. Clean your claws. As you move from house to house, make sure to sanitize your hands after each visit.
  5. Don’t be spooked about knowing your status. Download the COVID-19 alert app so you know if you’ve been exposed to any infected individuals.

Handing out candy this year? Here are some tips to keep you and your guests safe:

  • Avoid grabbing individual treats and placing them into little goblins’ bags or leaving a bowl unattended for everyone to put their hands in. Instead, try using a contact-free dispenser or chute to safely deliver candy. Another great delivery idea is using a plate/tray to place the candy on for your visitors to safely collect off your front porch. Just make sure to sanitize the plate and your hands in between each visit. You can also make up individual candy bags ahead of time and place them apart on a tray on your front porch for your visitors to grab.
  • Hand out candy in an open space such as a laneway or driveway instead of your front porch or doorstep. This will give you and your visitors plenty of room to maneuver while maintaining physical distance. To set the stage you can set up themed arrows and scary 6 feet tape markers to guide your visitors safely as they come by your house.

Most importantly, if you are feeling sick please stay home and avoid handing out candy to others. If you have symptoms and need advice visit this website to take a self-assessment and get recommendations on what to do next.

There are certainly ways to enjoy the holiday from the comfort and safety of your own home. For example you can enjoy an Easter-esque candy hunt, tell spooky stories, watch scary movies, or host a virtual Halloween party with all your favorite family and friends and people to still be able to show off your amazing costume.

Get creative with how you spend your night, but most importantly have fun and keep yourself and others safe!

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