Nurses and Dietitians can help you to better understand your diabetes. In addition to your appointments with your physician, a nurse and/or dietitian at the family health team can support you to manage your diabetes. The nurses and dietitians can support you to:

  • Understand your diabetes and health
  • Set goals to help you manage your diabetes in the way that works best for YOU.
  • Self-manage and be confident in your diabetes care decisions.


  • Group education to learn about what diabetes is and what options you have in how you manage it.
  • Initial assessment and ongoing education and support
  • Individualized education about the disease process and self-management strategies (e.g. recognizing highs and lows, healthy eating, the importance of exercise, etc.)
  • Support getting started with testing or managing your own blood sugars.
  • Information about treatment options, medication review and dose adjustments in coordination with Physician or Healthcare Provider


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