A Team-Based Approach to Your Care

About our organization

Since 2006, the Upper Grand Family Health Team has taken a team-based approach to patient care and well-being. We provide a broad range of health-care services that focuses on health promotion, disease prevention and chronic disease management.

Through our programs and services we aim to help decrease utilization of local hospital emergency departments and increase our patients’ abilities to improve their health within their own communities. Our clinical team is comprised of 24 allied professionals who practice in the areas of mental health, pharmacy, health promotion, dietetics, occupational therapy, palliative care and nursing specialties.

We have established strong relationships with our community partners including the Waterloo Wellington Local Health Integration Network, Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health, Groves Memorial Community Hospital, and various other local, regional and provincial groups to improve access and integration of care for our patients.

Our ultimate goal is for patients to feel empowered and encouraged to play a central role in their health care and recovery. We are dedicated to achieving excellence in patient care and we foster the development of future healthcare professionals through offering student internship and educational opportunities with our organization and our physician partners.

Our ultimate goal is to improve the health of our community through equitable access to high-quality primary health care services.

Vision and Principles

You may view our organization’s 2022-2025 Strategic Plan Here.

Our vision is to improve the health of our community through equitable access to high-quality primary health care services.

The core principles of our organization are as follows:

Collaboration and Integration

We recognize that through collaboration and integration, all parties work together to enhance the current level of primary health care available to the community and strategically evolve their existing capabilities and services roles.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

We recognize the need to strengthen our commitment to equity, diversion and inclusion at the Upper Grand Family Health Team. We are committed to improving our knowledge and skills, improving our built environment and incorporating diverse patient voices into decision-making.

Continuous Quality Improvement

We recognize that the quest for excellence is a continuous journey. By adopting the Model for Improvement approach to continuous quality improvement, the Upper Grand Family Health Team demonstrates a commitment to strive for improvement and to spread successful and sustainable change across the organization.

View our 2024-2025 Quality Improvement Plan.


We are committed to acting upon and contributing to the latest advances in medical technology and best practices. Accordingly, we continuously develop appropriate policies, procedures and mechanisms aimed at fostering mutual understanding and a working environment that encourages individual initiative, creativity and problem solving, and that enables professional development through continuous learning and recognizes the rewards high performance and team excellence.


We act responsibly in accordance with professional and clinical service standards, use resources wisely and efficiently, share information appropriately and measure and report on performance to key stakeholders.

Community Engagement

We believe that the participation of patients and their families ad caregivers in the design and delivery of services is essential to achieve optimal care. Our definition of high-quality services will include description and measurement from the patient and family perspective.

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