Our Commitment to Quality


Commitment to Quality

The Upper Grand Family Health Team is committed to ensuring that our programs and services meet the highest levels of quality and that principles of ongoing improvement are incorporated into our daily patient care and organizational planning activities. We collaborate with our partners at the local, regional and provincial levels to ensure that our healthcare system meets the goals outlined in Health Quality Ontario’s (HQO’s) 2015 Quality Matters: Realizing Excellent Care for All report.

Our Quality Committee consists of interdisciplinary staff and physicians who work collaboratively to develop annual Quality Improvement Plans, which are public commitments to meeting quality improvement targets that positively impact patient care. This plan is submitted to HQO and the committee meets regularly to discuss our progress and performance on the indicators that are selected as priorities.

Our 2020-21 UGFHT Quality Improvement Plan outlines the following goals:

  • Improving rates of cervical cancer screening
  • Improving childhood vaccination rates
  • Decreasing wait times for mental health therapy

Current membership of the Upper Grand Family Health Team Quality Committee is as follows:

  1.  Dr. Amanda Kamminga
  2.  Dr. Nancy Rose-Janes
  3.  Dr. Fil Incitti
  4.  Dr. Julie Ray
  5.  Hilary Blackett, Manager Quality & Programs (Chair)
  6.  Kristin Kathiravelu, Executive Director
  7.  Niharika Kumar, EMR/IT Specialist
  8.  Holly Stockman, Nurse Specialist
  9. Cora Van Zutphen, Clinical Pharmacist
  10. Julia Hutton, Nurse Practitioner
  11. Lindsay Long, Mental Health Therapist
  12. Terri Ney, Dietitian


If you have questions or would like more information please contact the UGFHT Executive Director, Kristin Kathiravelu at info@uppergrandfht.org.

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