Our Patients

Who We Serve

We are located in Centre Wellington and provide support and services to the residents within Centre Wellington, North Wellington and direct surrounding areas. The Upper Grand Family Health Team works in collaboration with the Physicians and Medical Practices within the Centre and North Wellington area including those apart of the following practices:

  • Riverview Medical Group – Upper Level
  • Riverview Medical Group – Lower Leve
  • Grand River Family Physicians
  • Geddes Medical Group
  • Family Practice Associates of Elora
  • Elora Medical Group
  • Dalby Family Practice
  • Arthur Family Health Centre
Patient/Client Rights And Responsibilities

At the Upper Grand Family Health Team we are committed to providing the best primary health care in our community. We believe that our patients and families are partners in the delivery of quality patient care. We make the following commitment to you:

Your Rights
You have the right to:

  • Be treated in a kind and respectful way
  • Expect that all information about your healthcare will be kept private and confidential in accordance with the personal health information law (refer to Privacy Policy)
  • Be given information in a way that you will understand and is meaningful to you
  • Expect that your health care team will share relevant information with each other within the circle of care, unless otherwise restricted by you.
  • Participate in making decisions about your care
  • Culturally-sensitive care
  • Know the names and roles of people involved in your care
  • Express your concerns and get answers to your questions
  • Be told of the fees not covered by OHIP and that you or your family will have to pay

Your Responsibilities
As a patient you have rights and responsibilities. Please make sure you abide by following:

  • Be polite and respect other patients, visitors and members of the health care team
  • Recognize that the needs of other patients and families may sometimes be more urgent than your own
  • Give accurate information to your health care team to help them plan your care
  • Give your health care team the name of the person who will represent you if you cannot make decisions by yourself
  • Follow the plan of care the best way you can
  • Accept responsibility for the decisions you make about your treatment
  • Take care of your personal things
  • Respect clinic property and act in a safe and responsible way
  • Understand and be responsible for all expenses not covered by OHIP
  • Notify your health care provider if you cannot keep an appointment

Interested In Becoming A Family Health Team Client?

The majority of our services require referrals from a collaborating family physician of the Upper Grand Family Health Organisation. To see one of our Mental Health Counselors, Dietitians, Nurse Specialists, Pharmacist, Outreach Worker, Occupational Therapist, or Health Promoter please make an appointment with your Family Physician to be referred or call the Family Health Team at (519)843-3947 for more information.

There are TWO ways you can become a Family Health Team Client:

“The specialist that I was able to access through the Family Health Team’s Telemedicine program allowed me to stay within my community and helped me avoid a trip to London to get the care that I needed.”


– Pauline D.

“Thank you to the Family Health Team staff who worked closely with my family doctor to help get my blood sugar under control, explain how my diet can keep me healthy and connect me with resources in the community to obtain financial supports.”

– George J.

“I really enjoy the weekly Stepping Out classes led by the Family Health Team Health Promoter that give me a chance to enjoy the outdoors, mingle with people in my community and take care of my health”.

– Frank T.

“The care that I received from my mental health therapist was truly great. She really listened and helped me find ways to deal with my thoughts and feelings”.

– Greta H.

“Thank you for having a very personable female nurse practitioner on staff. It gives my teenage daughters and myself someone to talk to about female issues”

– Anonymous

“Very personable, always friendly and welcoming. We are extremely happy with the staff”

– Anonymous

“I’ve been to many medical offices in my life & find this one to be the best one I’ve visited!”

– Anonymous

“Office Staff are always very friendly”

– Anonymous

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