In Canada about 18% of the population over age 12 still smokes (Statistics Canada, 2018), despite the fact that smoking accounts for about 30% of all cancer deaths in Canada (Canadian Cancer Society, 2020). Quitting smoking can be challenging, but it’s never too late and the benefits are more than worth it! Plus, there is evidence that you can more than double your chances of quitting successfully with support (Canadian Cancer Society, 2020).

Individual Consultation

Meet with one of our Chronic Disease Management Nurses or Health Promoter to receive counseling and information, to help you along your journey to quit and improve the quality of your life.


  • Initial assessment and ongoing support
  • Information about treatment options, including free nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) products like patches and gum, available through enrolment in the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health ‘Stop with FHT’ program


  • You can get a referral from your physician or health care provider, or start the process yourself by calling 519-843-3947 ext.126 and requesting an appointment.
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