Be Seen

Nick Serafini, RKin, Upper Grand FHT

Stand Out for Safety

As usual, we find ourselves facing the end of the year already, questioning how we got here so quickly!? With that, the daylight is starting to shrink rapidly as we approach the day with the shortest amount of daylight. Many want to continue their exercise routines outside and for most, the daylight is practically gone by the time that we have an opportunity to finish the day plus life’s many obligations. If you choose to continue to exercise outside, please make sure that you stand out! Many drivers are still adjusting to the daylight shift and may not see you out there while you are exercising. Here’s a quick list of my essentials that you might find helpful on your outdoor adventures:

  • Reflective vests: They are inexpensive and effective. Brighter the better! They also do a great job of breaking the wind and letting your layers do their job.
  • Headlamp: Yes, that’s right. But we’re not talking about the $3 ones. We’re talking about the ones you would want to rely on if you went camping. They are a great investment and you’d be really surprised at how handy they are around the house too. There are so many lighting options, there’s no way that you can be missed. Plus, they keep your hands free which is particularly convenient if you are walking dogs.
  • Reflective accessories: This could be hats, gloves, shoes or tape. Moving extremities can also help assist individuals in vehicles to see you quicker due to the frequent movement.
  • Don’t forget your pets! Think about reflective leashes and collars. Maybe even a light for their collar or better yet, a light up collar! Our wondering furry friends are even harder to see and can be blocked from sight by different objects.
  • Additional safety tips include:
    • Plan a shorter route that’s close to home and complete multiple laps.
    • Tell someone where you’re going and how long you think you’ll be.
    • Bring a cellphone if you own one. You might also want to share your location if your device is able to and you have a trusted loved one.

It may seem a little much but these few things can make a significant difference in making you stand out in the dark and keeping you safe!

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