New Year Resolution

Jena Docking, RKin, Upper Grand FHT

With a New Year comes many resolutions. The idea of starting fresh and implementing a change can excite us! Unfortunately, only 16% of people are successful at following through on their resolutions, and many give up within one to six weeks. So why is this?

1. Setting Unrealistic Resolutions
a. A resolution should be something you WANT to do rather than what you should do. It is imperative to review your resolutions and ask yourself;
i. Is it specific?
ii. Is it measurable?
iii. Is it attainable?
iv. Is it relevant?
v. Is it time-bound?
b. Remember that to succeed with a resolution, you must change your behaviour and remain consistent.

2. Lack of Accountability
a. Teaming up with a friend, spouse, family member or professional coach can provide the proper energy and drive to accomplish and succeed in your resolutions. Keeping in mind;
i. An individual who energizes you and encourages you,
ii. An individual with a similar work ethic and schedule,
iii. An individual that has comparable abilities,

3. Lack of Tracking/Review
a. A weekly or bi-weekly review allows you to keep track of your progress and turn justifications into opportunities.
b. What gets measured gets done! And what gets done can be improved upon and built into a habit.
c. A track record of accomplishments can also help develop resolution consistency.

4. Lack of Planning
a. Planning is ALWAYS required for any implementation.
b. Plan the action steps around the resolution into smaller bite-sized pieces and schedule them on the calendar to create less overwhelming emotions.
c. Planning ensures that all necessary adjustments are outlined ahead of time, with an understanding of potential challenges.

5. Self-Doubt
a. Don’t allow past missteps to dictate your future. After you have learned from them, it is time to get to work.
b. Every tiny victory should be celebrated as it can motivate you to work harder for the larger ones.
c. Being self-critical or doubtful doesn’t help, as it focuses all your attention and energy on “why can’t I do this?”
d. Practice thankfulness, compassion and love yourself. Don’t let a minor setback turn into a permanent misstep.
e. Remember that progress is preferable to perfection! Believe in yourself!

6. Lack of Clarity
a. “Why” A majority of people falter to achieve their goal(s) because the “why” is unclear. The “why” motivates people to take action and be successful. So ask yourself:
i. Why are you making these resolutions?
ii. What motivates you to achieve these goals?
iii. What motivates you to do what you do?
iv. What emotional connection does your “why” have?
b. When the purpose is strong and an attitude with a growth mindset is present, goals are more achievable.

So for this 2023 New Year, stay mindful, stay committed, take responsibility and focus your energy on a picture of your future self; make the image big and bright, feel it deeply and hold onto it as a daily reminder. Don’t be too hard or too easy on yourself, and ensure you enjoy the process of change and transformation.
Have a Happy New Year!

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